Pedro Príncipe

Head of Division - University of Minho

Pedro Príncipe, Head of Division at University of Minho Documentation

Services, Portugal’s Contact Node for OpenAire

Pedro Príncipe is Head of Division at University of Minho Documentation Services. Coordinates the

Open Science Projects Office: OpenAIRE Advance, FOSTERPlus, FIT4RRI, FAIRsFAIR and RCAAP

projects. In OpenAIRE Advance project he is working as support and training manager and

Dashboard for Content Providers product manager, and is participating in the guidelines team and

other technical tasks, as the usage statistics and the funder information services. He also had

participation in several FP7 and H2020 funded projects related with Open Access and repositories:

NECOBELAC, OpenAIRE-connect, MedOANET, and PASTEUR4OA. Graduated in New

Communication Technologies and with training in information science and documentation. He has

been involved in COAR Working Group on Repository Interoperability, and acting as member of

the COAR Controlled Vocabularies Editorial Board. He was member of the National Executive

Council of the Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and documentalists (BAD) from

2011 to 2016 and in BAD is also Coordinator of the Academic Libraries working Group since 2014.

He was recently appointed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education to

integrate the national working group on Portuguese Open Science Policy. Pedro Principe is also the

chair of the Portuguese RDM Forum, annual event organized since 2016 to promote RDM

strategies services in Portugal.

In the FAIR Working Group, Pedro Principe can share his experience within OpenAIRE

infrastructure and on the challenges and strategies for the institutional and national settings for

FAIR data and RDM services implementation.