Bill Barth

Director of Future Technologies at Texas Advanced Computing Center - University of Texas


joined TACC (Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin) in 2003 as a Research Associate in the High Performance Computing Group, and served as TACC’s Director of HPC for more than a decade. Since December 2019, Barth leads the newly-formed Future Technologies group, which focuses on technology decisions around the center’s HPC systems and the Frontera Phase 2 leadership-class computing facility; in Barth words, tis group will “identify the technologies and architectures that will advance science and engineering over the coming decade”.

Barth began working at TACC as a graduate student in 2003 and joined as a full time researcher after he received his PhD. Barth was co Principal Investigator (PI) on the Stampede, Stampede2, and Lonestar4 systems, and serves as PI on a number of National Science Foundation grants related to TACC Stats, MPI optimization, and XDMOD integration. Before coming to TACC he was involved in many Assistantships at The University of Texas both prior to and during working towards his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering.