Are you having trouble accessing your account?

Check out the videos below to recover your TICAL account and/or your password.

How to recover your TICAL account

How to recover your password

Alternatively, follow the steps below to recover your account or password through Google.

How do I retrieve my @tical.redclara.net email address?

To retrieve the @tical.redclara.net email address, follow the steps to recover your username.

You need to know the email address registered on the event registration screen and your account name.

Follow the instructions to confirm that this account is really yours. You will see a list of usernames corresponding to your account.

How do I recover my email @tical.redclara.net password?

To recover your @tical.redclara.net account password, follow the steps to recover your Google Account or Gmail service.

You will have to answer a few questions to confirm that the account is really yours.

If you're having problems, try following the tips provided by Google to complete the account recovery process.

How do I attend a lecture?

On the TICAL 2020 website, click on “Program” and see all the lectures of the event. Check the time zone of your region, select the day, choose the lecture and click on “Watch”.

You will be redirected to the streaming of the chosen lecture.

To attend a lecture, do not forget to log in with your @tical.redclara.net account.